SeedFundersOrlando Invests in Healthtech Startup Kalogon

ORLANDO, FL – August 30, 2021 – SeedFundersOrlando, a premier source of seed capital, mentoring, and connections for pre-revenue, high-growth technology startups in Central Florida and beyond, announced today that it has invested $195,000 in Kalogon, a Melbourne, Florida healthtech startup founded by Space Coast aerospace engineers developing smart seating technology to prevent pressure sores for those who sit for long periods of time, typically in wheelchairs.  Seedfunders St. Petersburg and Seedfunders Miami Investors participated in the investment.  

Kalogon, located at the incubator Groundswell Startups, is a purpose-driven, tech-enabled company focused on helping improve the comfort level of individuals via innovative solutions. Pressure sores, which affect over 2.5 million patients and lead to 60,000 deaths annually, are injuries to skin and underlying tissue resulting from prolonged pressure on skin that covers bony areas of the body.  The Kalogon Smart Cushion senses how the user is sitting and electronically adjusts itself every few minutes to offload pressure from their tailbone, maintaining healthy blood flow and keeping their skin healthy.

This is SeedFundersOrlando’s eighth Florida startup investment since its founding in 3Q 2019, having previously invested in Blue Halo Biomedical, Winter Park, Safe Zone, Melbourne, ViewStub, Orlando, Intelligent Observation, Miami, Seedfunders Opportunity Fund, St. Petersburg, RxLive, St. Petersburg, TSOLife, Tampa, and Miventure, Orlando.

“Thanks to the investment from SeedFundersOrlando, Kalogon is able to disrupt an industry where the current technology hasn’t changed since before the personal computer was invented,” said Tim Balz, Founder and CEO of Kalogon. “The impact of pressure sores is preventable. Our Smart Cushion is being used in Central Florida rehab centers and at the Veteran’s Hospital in Tampa where we are already making a difference to their wheelchair-bound patients and veterans. Our goal is nothing less than to improve the quality of life of millions of people, and we are grateful for SeedFundersOrlando and their support of our mission.”

Dennis R. Pape, CEO of SeedFundersOrlando commented, “Tim and his team are aerospace engineers that have brought the “Silicon Valley startup ethos” to Florida and have demonstrated the ability to innovate and rapidly execute. Their product addresses a growing and critical health issue for older Americans and promises to make a difference in the world. We are thrilled to help them do so.”

SeedFundersOrlando member Marcin J. Kubiak will join Kalogon’s advisory board.  Kubiak led SeedFundersOrlando’s due diligence effort and was joined by Pape and SeedFundersOrlando members Sydney Rossman-Reich and George Lange. Kubiak noted “following our extensive due diligence process we became very enthusiastic about Kalogon’s vision, market potential, and most importantly ability to positively impact lives. We are very impressed with the founders, and I look forward to working closely with Tim and the rest of the team as they execute on their thoughtfully designed strategy”.

Jarin Eisenberg, Groundwell’s COO said, “Groundswell Startups is thrilled to have played a role in supporting Kalogon get to this next step. Their smart seat technology combined with their drive to make a difference in the lives of individuals by preventing pressure sores is going to have a significant impact on improving the quality of life for so many.”


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About Kalogon

Kalogon is a purpose-driven, tech-enabled company focused on helping improve the comfort level of individuals via innovative solutions. Their Kalogon Smart Cushion is one example of how they are improving the quality of life for individuals. Kalogon believes no one should compromise their comfort, and this belief is their driving force behind their innovative designs.

To learn more, visit and follow Kalogon on Linkedin. For more information about Kalogon, please contact: Tim Balz,

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