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Kalogon is a Melbourne healthtech startup developing smart cushion technology that relieves skin pressure build-up prevalent in wheelchair and bedridden patients that can lead to skin breakdown and dangerous pressure sores.  Kalogon’s smart cushion dynamically redistributes pressure using air pockets to prevent pressure sores that affect over 2.5M patients and lead to 60,000 deaths annually.


Miventure is an Orlando fintech startup that has developed an SEC and FINRA-regulated debt Title III crowdfunding platform that allows microlenders to provide capital to small businesses.  Their mobile app offers traditional loans to small businesses with fixed monthly interest and principal payments.


TSOLife is a Tampa startup that has developed a senior living facility insight platform that allows communities to collect better resident data and improve overall operations.


Rx Live is a St. Petersburg healthtech startup providing a concierge telehealth service that connects patients and expert pharmacists in a secure, private and personal way.

SeedFunders Opportunity Fund

The SeedFunders Opportunity Fund seeks to help empower the African-American community in Florida by investing in and supporting early-stage technology businesses founded by African American entrepreneurs in Orlando and across the state.

Intelligent Observation

Intelligent Observation is a Miami healthtech startup that provides an automated hand hygiene tracking system that improves compliance and reduces the risk of infection.


ViewStub is an Orlando startup providing a live event platform that helps connect event organizers, speakers, and experiences to virtual attendees.

Safe Zone

Safe Zone is a Melbourne startup offering a gunfire detection system that alerts authorized users and authorities with critical information within seconds of a firearm discharge.

Blue Halo BioMedical

Blue Halo Biomedical is an Orlando medtech startup commercializing a revolutionary advancement in catheter technology for urologic patients that improves their quality of life by reducing the rate of urinary tract infections and not requiring an external collection device.