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Kalogon is a Melbourne healthtech startup developing smart cushion technology that relieves skin pressure build-up prevalent in wheelchair and bedridden patients that can lead to skin breakdown and dangerous pressure sores.  Kalogon’s smart cushion dynamically redistributes pressure using […]


Miventure is an Orlando fintech startup that has developed an SEC and FINRA-regulated debt Title III crowdfunding platform that allows microlenders to provide capital to small businesses.  Their mobile app offers traditional loans to small businesses with fixed […]


TSOLife is a Tampa startup that has developed a senior living facility insight platform that allows communities to collect better resident data and improve overall operations.


Rx Live is a St. Petersburg healthtech startup providing a concierge telehealth service that connects patients and expert pharmacists in a secure, private and personal way.

SeedFunders Opportunity Fund

The SeedFunders Opportunity Fund seeks to help empower the African-American community in Florida by investing in and supporting early-stage technology businesses founded by African American entrepreneurs in Orlando and across the state.
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