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SeedFundersOrlando is a member run organization of seed stage tech investors. We are looking for prospective members who will be active investors and participants in selecting and mentoring high quality growth companies.

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    Do you meet the criteria for Accredited Investor (Annual income exceeding $200,000 [$300,000 for joint income] or net worth exceeding $1,000,000 [individually or jointly]? (required)

    Investor Benefits

    Membership in OrlandoSeedFunders offers investors many benefits. Some of them include:
    • Associate with the premier angel investment group in Central Florida
    • Access the best startup investment opportunities in Central Florida
    • Accelerate Central Florida’s most promising tech startups to support an innovation economy with job and wealth creation
    • Work with a team to evaluate investment opportunities and learn from each other during Due Diligence
    • Leverage the group's business and technology expertise to make lower risk investment decisions
    • Improve deal terms as a result of investing collectively
    • Improve deal terms as a result of investing early
    • Lower investment risk by diversifying investments across a larger number of new companies
    • Make more sizable and meaningful investments with a group
    • Gain access to SeedFundersOrlando network of successful Central Florida entrepreneurs and business leaders
    • Regular meetings with attractive company and distinguished educational presentations

    Our Members

    Some characteristics of our members are:
    • Are accredited investors (according to SEC rules )
    • Have experience managing and building successful companies either as entrepreneurs or operating executives
    • Have domain expertise and executive networks assisting our startup portfolio with operations excellence, talent and technology acquisition, and future funding
    • Agree to invest $25,000 to become an equity owner of SeedFundersOrlando (no annual fees, management fees, or minimum annual investment required)
    • Participate in SeedFundersOrlando activities, including attending meetings and evaluating investment opportunities