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After you've taken a look at our investment criteria, types of companies we fund, and our application process you are ready to fill out our application form on ProSeeder and get started.

Entrepreneur Benefits

SeedFundersOrlando offers entrepreneurs:

Seed Capital

You’ve succeeded with friends and family. We’ve got the seed capital to fuel your growth.


You’ve got a MVP. We’ve got the expertise and experience to help you with traction and scaling.


Scaling requires customers, strategic partners, and future investors.  We’ve got the network to help.

Investment Criteria

We are looking for startups poised for growth

Demonstrated Traction

We are looking for startups that have demonstrated there is a market for their product or service with sales, pre-sales, funded pilots, letters of intent, etc.  

Seeking $100K to $200K in seed capital

SeedFundersOrlando seeks startups with a clean cap table looking for their first organized seed capital investment .

Offering a pre-money valuation of $1M to $3M

Pre-money valuations for SeedFunderOrlando’s seed rounds are commensurate with demonstrated traction.  Our typical investment structure is preferred equity.

Startup characteristics

We are looking for the following in the startups we consider funding

Growth Market

We are looking for startups where their product or service addresses a large and growing market or a market ripe for disruption. 

Sustainable Competitive Advantage

We are looking for startups that have competitive differentiators such as differentiated technology, intellectual property, and/or cost leadership and economies of scale.

Quality Team

We are looking for startups that have a cross-functional founding team in place with the skills, experience, passion, and coachability to be successful.

10X Investment Return

We are looking for startups that have a revenue and funding plan that achieves a 10X return on our investment.

Application Process

Apply For Funding

Founders seeking funding apply through our ProSeeder platform. Our members review and discuss each startup.  If the review goes well we invite your startup to pitch at our biweekly member meeting.

Apply On ProSeeder

Due Diligence

If your pitch attracts sufficient interest one of our members will study your startup in detail.


With sufficient member interest we’ll develop a term sheet that brings clear value for your startup and SeedFundersOrlando.