You’ve succeeded with friends and family. We’ve got the capital to fuel your growth.


You’ve got the MVP. We’ve got the expertise and experience to help you with traction and scaling.


Scaling requires customers, strategic partners, and future investors.  We’ve got the network to help.

How We Invest


Review Companies

Founders seeking funding apply through our ProSeeder platform. Our members review and discuss each startup.

Hear Pitches

If the review goes well – we invite your startup to pitch at our biweekly member meeting.

Conduct Due Diligence

If your pitch attracts sufficient interest one of our members will study your startup in detail.


With sufficient member interest we’ll develop a term sheet that brings clear value for your startup and SeedFundersOrlando.

Board Member

A SeedFundersOrlando member will join your board for long term support.

A far reaching network

We’ll leverage our extensive network for your startup’s success.

The Next Round

We’ll help find the right next round offering for the right new money.

Are you a high-growth entrepreneur seeking seed capital?

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Our Investments

Are you an accredited investor?

Contact us to learn how you can become a member of SeedFundersOrlando

Are you an accredited investor?

Contact us to learn how you can become a member of SeedFundersOrlando

Filling The Capital Gap

  • Our mission is to partner with high-growth entrepreneurs in Orlando and supply them seed capital to accelerate their growth and success.

    Dennis R. Pape
    CEO - SeedFundersOrlando

A Vision Continued

  • I discovered the power of this model while building Florida Funders. SeedFunders in Tampa Bay was a natural next step – to move earlier in the investment cycle and prepare companies for their Series A round. Because we are focused on pre-revenue, scalable companies – we needed members who could bring expertise in growing companies from MVP to execution and that’s exactly the type of executives who become members there. I am now bringing this successful model to Orlando with SeedFundersOrlando.

    Dave Chitester
    Chairman - SeedFundersOrlando

Our Success By The Numbers

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